Our Mission

To engage the youth of Central Minnesota to feed hungry people both locally and globally.

Who We Are

Kids Fighting Hunger is a volunteer-driven effort to package and distribute humanitarian relief in communities worldwide where there is immediate need. Every person can make a difference in the fight against national and global hunger. Kids Fighting Hunger has been created to give people in Central Minnesota an opportunity to have a hands–on part in the packaging process. We host, work with, and empower volunteer groups – such as schools, sports teams, churches, businesses, and scouting troops – to package our food and prepare it for distribution to areas of the world where crisis has struck and food is in short supply.

How We Started

The Kids Fighting Hunger program began March 1st, 2003 as Kids Against Hunger of Central Minnesota. A small locally based satellite of its parent organization, Feeding Children International. We are our own 501(c)(3) and operate independently of FCI. Before long, the idea of kids helping other kids to combat hunger grew in popularity. As a result, more than 10,000 volunteers have packaged over 8 million meals since opening on March 1st, 2003!
Kids Fighting Hunger not only nourishes hungry children, but the spirit of its volunteers, Each week, as volunteers package hundreds of much-need food servings, they also get a chance to talk, share, laugh and reconnect with one another through the program. More importantly, through their packaging efforts. volunteers learn and reaffirm the importance of looking beyond themselves and towards serving the needs of others.